Shantilly is the unique jewelry concept of accessory designer Shandi Levy. Shantilly jewelry designs combine vintage character with a fresh, contemporary look - which reflects the young designer's edgy style and profound connection to the past.

Shandi has been collecting vintage jewelry, scarves and accessories for 15 years and her eclectic collection finally became the impetus for the artist's new jewelry line. By fusing pieces together, Shandi creates innovative accessories that embody the past and the present.

The one-of-a-kind designs were an instant hit at Chroma, the Miami Beach boutique where she was a manager and buyer for the past five years. The first pair of Shantilly earrings were sold immediately for use in a music video, and the first bracelet she ever designed landed on an international magazine cover.

Growing up in Miami, Shandi always distinguished herself through her unique style. To satisfy her desire to be original, she scoured vintage and second-hand stores throughout Florida to create her own look. Her passion for combining elements of the past with present-day styles eventually led her to create the Shantilly jewelry line.

Shandi grew up in a family of retailers and wholesalers/ She is often compared to Mama Lonia, her eccentric Russian great-grandmother who is featured (shooting pool!) on the homepage of Shantilly's website. Lonia owned a tuxedo shop, and passed on her retail knowledge to Shandi's father, who designed a women's clothing line. Shandi's grandparents owned a pawnshop which handled much jewelry that is still in her mother's possession today. Her mother's extensive jewelry collection, which included unique pieces from various artists around the world, has always fascinated and inspired Shandi - her favorite hobby is still rummaging through it.

Shandi Levy currently lives, works and makes jewelry in New York City. Her Shantilly designs are sold in upscale boutiques around the world, and her jewelry has been featured internationally in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Lucky, Ocean Drive, People en Espanol, Seventeen and US Weekly. Shantilly celebrity clientele includes Drew Barrymore, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Bell, Gabrielle Union, Maria Sharapova and Paulina Rubio.

Most recently, Shandi met renowned fashion stylist Patricia Field, who loved Shandi's designs so much, she used the jewelry to adorn the female cast of the new TV pilot, "Dirty Sexy Money".

Shandi's designs will also be featured on two of the leading ladies in the upcoming, "Sex and the City: The Movie".